The Competition

FIRST, (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen. The goal of FIRST is to inspire high school students to develop an interest in mathematics, science and technology in a way that is fun and exciting. In 1992, the first ever FIRST robotics competition was held in Manchester, New Hampshire with 28 teams participating. This year there will be nearly 4000 teams participating at one of 160 regional events throughout the world for the possibility to compete in the championship event in Detroit, MI or Huston, TX.

The main goal of the FIRST Robotics competition each year is to construct a robot in 6 weeks from a universal "Kit of Parts" and other materials. Teams involved in the competition will design and build a unique robot to perform the tasks given by the FIRST Game Design Committee. There are no instructions on how to complete a task but rules to keep the environment and robots safe. Along with this, members of the team work on 3D animations of our robot. Another aspect of the competition are awards. There are 28 awards which are given out at regional competitions and the championship event; such as: Woody Flowers Award for effective communication in the art and science of engineering and technology, Industrial Safety Award that awards a team that shows excellent safety from the shop to competition, and the Gracious Professionalism Award for outstanding sportsmanship even in the heat of competition.

About Us

The Cheese Curd Herd was founded in 1995 and is the longest running team in Wisconsin. We are located in Platteville, WI and are sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville along with other local business. Our team consists of a group of 15 to 20 University of Wisconsin-Platteville students along with approximately 20 energetic and self-motivated area high school students. UW-Platteville is one of only a handfull of university/high school partnerships out of nearly 4000 teams. Our team consists of students from various majors offered at the university, many of whom came to Platteville because of this program.

Aside from success at competitions, our ultimate goal is to get students from surrounding area high schools to learn about and become interested in science, technology and engineering. The college members act as mentors to the high school students from the surrounding area. This gives the college students an opportunity to use the knowledge gained in their classes and to give back to the local community. Our team takes our commitments to heart, conducting numerous public appearances with our robots within the community, such as demonstrations for the UW-Board of Regents, UW-Platteville Engineering Expo, local area high schools, local parades, and local businesses.


  • 2019    The Demigod
  • 2018    Blue
  • 2017    Sarge
  • 2016    Bogieman
  • 2015    Chloe
  • 2014    Lebot James
  • 2013    Fiscal Cliff Hanger
  • 2012    Socially Acceptable
  • 2011    Geoff
  • 2010    Curd Burgler
  • 2009    Quintus Decimus
  • 2008    High Roller
  • 2007    Charles Handy VIII (aka Charlie)
  • 2006    Mr. Buckets
  • 2005    Kip
  • 2004    Z
  • 2003    Mini Me
  • 2002    Trion
  • 2001    Chucky
  • 2000    Poseidon
  • 1999    Andre
  • 1998    Shredder
  • 1997    Nacho
  • 1996    Herbie
  • 1995    Doominator


  • 2016 Midwest Regional - Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
  • 2015 Midwest Regional - Regional Finalists
  • 2012 North Star Regional - Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
  • 2011 Wisconsin Regional - Quality Award sponsored by Motorola
  • 2011 North Star Regional - Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
  • 2010 Wisconsin Regional - Regional Winners
  • 2010 North Star Regional - Quality Award sponsored by Motorola, Regional Finalists
  • 2008 Wisconsin Regional - Regional Winners, Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award
  • 2007 Wisconsin Regional - Judges' Award
  • 2006 St. Louis Regional - General Motors Industrial Design Award
  • 2003 St. Louis Regional - Regional Winners
  • 2002 St. Louis Regional - Regional Finalists, Engineering Inspiration Award
  • 1997 National Championship - Chairman's Award Finalist

More information on our past competitions can be found on The Blue Alliance

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